Specialist Professional Assessments and Therapy

Specialist Professional Assessments and Therapy

ISWP offers the following assessment and related services.

Psychiatric Assessments

Through our expert psychiatrists, we complete psychiatric assessments, child forensic psychiatric assessments and adolescence psychiatric assessments.

Psychological Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Child and Adolescent Assessments

Our portfolio of psychological interventions and assessments cover a wide array of areas including mental health, functional skills, language, rehabilitation, neuropsychology, autistic spectrum disorders, and cognition. Through our expert psychologists, we complete child and adolescence assessments, cognitive Assessments, psychological assessments and forensic psychology assessments. 

Our clinicians have many years of experience of working collaboratively with adolescents, children, and their parents with comprehensive psychological assessments, especially tailored to meet specific needs. The cognitive assessments we complete identify a client’s strengths and areas of need and any support they may require now and in the future. The cognitive assessments cover a wide range of the client’s abilities and skills, such as, numerical skills, spelling, writing, reading, processing speed, memory, non-verbal problem solving, spatial awareness, verbal reasoning, and speech and language.

Occupational Therapist (OT) Assessments

ISWP Wales / Cymru complete various specialist OT assessments for public and private clients be it for Special Educational Needs (SEN) appeals and benefits appeals as well as adaptation and modification of households for disabled clients. 

Our OT experts have specialist training to complete sensory integration assessments. The aim of ISWP Wales / Cymru occupational therapy assessments and intervention is to enable individuals to live as independently as possible, be it at school, college, work, or home. We provide all OT related assessments and can provide treatment plans if required.

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