Family Assessment / Support Services

Family Assessment / Support Services

ISWP offers the following assessment and related services.

Assessment services in Public and Private Law Family Cases.

We provide parenting assessments of parents involved with local authority child protection services or who are involved in private or public law proceedings. We complete such assessments where clients or commissioning local authorities require a completely independent and impartial assessment.

PAM Assessment

We complete PAMs assessments. PAMs stand for ‘Parent Assessment Manual’. The PAMs assessment is a specialist assessment completed by social workers of parents with learning needs or special needs. The PAMs assessment takes into account parents who have a learning difficulty/disability and gives the assessor tools and techniques which they should use when they are working with parents and families with a learning difficulty/disability. The aim is to assess the parent's capacity, and to support them to learn parenting knowledge and skills so they can meet their child’s needs.

Parent Assess Assessment

We complete Parent Assess assessments, Parent Assess is a strengths-based assessment framework for parents with learning disabilities or other conditions such as Autism but it can also be used with any parent. All assessors are trained in developing skills in working with parents with learning disabilities. Parent Assess uses a simple traffic light system to help the parent understand the assessment process and the outcome. Various visual tools are used to help the parent develop their knowledge of parenting and their child’s needs. Clear straightforward language is used throughout and a separate abridged report is given to the parent.

CUBAS Assessment

CUBAS is another assessment model used by our social work experts to assess parents with learning needs and other special needs. CUBAS model can be used with all parents, including those with additional needs. CUBAS is a dynamic and adaptable parenting assessment model and software assisted solution used by social workers who have undertaken the CUBAS training in order to use this to assess parents with learning needs and other special needs. CUBAS was designed by experts who understand the complexities of the assessment process.

Viability, Kinship Care, Connected Person assessments & Special Guardianship Order (SGO) Assessments.

We complete viability assessments leading to a full SGO or connected person/ kinship care assessments. We ensure the reports for the viability assessment and full assessments are robustly quality assured and ready to present to court/panel. We will assist with completing statutory checks if required and our social workers will ensure kinship carers and connected persons are briefed and supported at Panel. Our social workers will undertake Looked After Children (LAC) visits and supervising social worker responsibilities to support Connected Person and Kinship Carers.

Fostering and Adoption Assessments

We complete adoption and fostering assessments for local authorities as well as for private fostering/adoption agencies. The assessments reports are robustly quality assured and ready to present at panel or court. We can assist with the statutory checks if required, and our social workers will ensure that prospective foster cares and adopters are supported at Panel.


Community Based Reverse Parenting Assessments with 24-hour monitoring

We provide community-based assessments with 24 hours round-the-clock support and monitoring in high-risk situations where intensive close monitoring is required to ensure child safety during the assessment. Assessments can take place within the family home, in foster care, with parents living with relatives or in a residential setting. 

These assessments may be important in situations where parental capacity to meet the developmental, physical, and emotional needs of their children is under scrutiny, cases presenting high risks and concerns for child safety among young parents and in cases where parents have additional needs. 

This form of assessment ensures that children and parents can be assessed safely in their own home without the need to be placed in a residential parent and child assessment unit which is often located far away from their family, friends, services and professional support network.

Pre-birth Assessments / Reverse Parenting Assessment

Pre-birth child protection processes involve social workers assessing parenting capacity and knowledge and the risk of harm to children who are yet to be born. We complete pre-birth assessments leading to reverse parenting assessments, if required, where risk is unknown or is not fully ascertained/understood requiring further assessments such as psychiatric or cognitive assessments which we can provide .

If required when the baby is born, we can provide 24-hour monitoring, oversight and support to ensure that all are safe and the parent(s) are given the knowledge and skills to improve their parenting skills. This intensive support is often used in the assessment of young parents, parents with additional needs or who present a risk of significant harm to their children.

Therefore, parents can be assessed safely in their own home without the need to be placed in a parent and child assessment unit which is often located far away from their family, friends, services and professional support network.

Parenting Work

We provide parenting work and support to the most vulnerable children and families and can if required provide 24/7 (with round the clock family support worker present in the home)in order to manage risk and provide intensive support . This form of parenting work ensures that children can safely remain in their home in the care of their parents while an assessment is completed and the children do not need to come into the care system or are separated from their birth parents during the assessment.

Specialist Risk Assessments

We complete risk assessments of parents, be they specialist assessments to assess specific risks such as parents or carers who present a sexual risk to children, where there are concerns regarding domestic violence and abuse, fabricated illness or when either or both parents abuse substances, alcohol or drugs, or have a mental health illness or a physical disability.

Bilingual / Cultural Expert Social Work Assessments

Social workers have an ethical responsibility to demonstrate their cultural sensitivity and awareness in their practice while evidencing competence to work with people from diverse cultures/communities. 

Therefore, we can provide expert social workers from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds with cultural and linguistic expertise including Welsh, Polish, Russian, French, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, African, Caribbean, Indian and Pakistani backgrounds that reflect the cultural values and linguistic needs of the individuals and families we assess. 

We can provide and match social workers who have expertise in various religious/faith backgrounds including Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and others.

International Social Work Assessments

The landscape of “looked-after” children has changed dramatically over the recent years. International social work assessments have become indispensable for children in care with family members residing in other countries requiring assessments.

Our social work assessors can and have completed all over the world Subject to current Home Office guidance, including Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. Our social work experts have the cultural skills and linguistic ability to undertake a range of different social work assessments in different parts of the world as required.

Assessments & Reports in Private Law Cases, including Section 7 and Section 37 Reports

We complete these reports in private law cases. If required our social workers can supervise contact over a period of time leading to the social workers completing the relevant court report as required. The social workers can supervise contact / family time at home in the community or at a designated venue depending on the assessed risk and their availability is flexible and they can supervise contact during the weekdays and weekends, bank holidays and evenings or overnight.

Immigration Human Rights Reports

We undertake assessments and complete reports via our expert social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists to support clients in relation to their immigration status especially where there is a risk of parent and child separation due to immigration issues. We also provide reports to support clients in situations where a child or an adult has special needs such as any health needs, mental health or physical disabilities, where removal from the country would most likely impact negatively on the client’s care, support and well-being.

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